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Road Rules

Coleman Middle School Pick up and Drop off Procedures

The carline for drop off and pick up proceeds south to north on Manhattan. Please enter the carline from San Jose St.

  • Morning: Please drop off on the east verge of Manhattan, not in the circle driveway in front of the school – morning circle drop-off is reserved for those needing extra help, eg. on crutches or carrying a tuba!
  • Afternoon: Please pick up in the circle driveway.
    • There are not any safe drop off /pick up locations on Manhattan driving north to south.
    • San Rafael is not a carline. Please enter the carline on Manhattan before dropping off or picking up.
    • If parking to drop off or pick up, please park legally – do not park in neighbors’ yards, driveways, across sidewalks, or in the middle of the road.

chart of CMS drop off procedures

Safety reminders

Many Coleman students arrive on foot or bike to school. Please follow these traffic laws while driving around the school to ensure their safety.

  • Please do not let passengers out of the car in the middle of the road – park legally first!
  • Please wait to check your phone until your car is parked. No texting while driving!
  • Stop behind all crosswalks and check for pedestrians before pulling forward.
  • Drive with caution around the school and watch out for pedestrians at all times.